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  Here is an example of supplies you might want or need on a week long SCUBA trip. This is what we refer to as a warm water 'light' trip. Many trips you may be going on may have a weight limit for your luggage. So plan ahead, pack your bags, then weigh the entire baggage. 'Soft' luggage does weigh less.  Click here for printable Check Off List.

Basic Equipment Accessory's Personal Items Medications Clothing
Travel Bag Camera's / Film Dive Log Book  Advil  Sandals
Mesh Boat Bag  Mini Dive Light Address Book Anti Biotic Shirts
Mask & Snorkel Large Dive Light Sun Glasses Cough Drops Shorts
De-Fog Tank Marker Sun Block Ear Drops Jacket
Booties Scuba Tool Anti-Perspirate Foil (sunburn) Cap
Fins Spare O-Rings Shampoo Imodium A-D Underwear
BCD Save a Dive Kit Tooth brush/paste Insect repellant PJ's
Regulator  Dry Bag Hair brush Night Quill Slacks
Dive Computer / Tables Sink the Stink Door Hooks (2) Sea Sickness  
Dive Watch Batteries Cash/travel/credit cards Sutifed  
Dive Knife Locker Padlock Pass Port 1st Aid Kit  
Wet Suit or Skin   Airline Tickets, Hotel info    
Swim Suits (2)   Utility pocket knife    
Weight Belt & Keepers   Reading Glasses    

Additional Enriched Air Diving Equipment:

  1.   __Oxygen Analyzer
  2.   __ Enriched Air Dive Computer
  3.   __ Equivalent Air Depth Table & Oxygen Exposure Table
  4.   __ Enriched Air RDPs for EANx32 and EANx36

 Warning & Notes: on Camera and lights:

  When traveling from different altitudes, you should pack your camera and lights with the O-rings removed. When going from one altitude to another, a pressure difference will develop between the inside of any sealed device and the atmosphere. You can actually damage camera's by attempting to force them open under these conditions. This has happened to us on our cameras, and we have discovered that warranties do not cover this damage, nor do they mention this in the most owners manuals.

O-rings:  Here's a list of the O-rings you might include in your save a dive kit.

Computer Batteries (limited list of what we've used):
   We've found problems with finding fresh computer batteries in many resorts, so its a good idea to either replace your batteries before a trip or to take a spare with you.  When you purchase them from a SCUBA dealer, you can expect to get a new O-ring with it.  We strongly urge you to use a new 0-ring with each replacement.  If you are not experienced at doing this yourself, you might consider having your dealer do it for you.  Manufacturer warranties do not cover 0-ring leakage!  Test in fresh water before you go into saltwater!

Manufacturer Model Battery Manufacturer O-Ring
Citizen Hyper Aqualand CR 2025 Lithium  
OceanEdge Computek II (nitro man console) 3V  2/3A, Duracell # DL123A  
Suunto Cobra CR 2450 3V Lithium
Batteries Plus: Cat # AUDBPCR2450
Suunto # K5664
Suunto EON Saft LS 14250 3.6V 1/2AA (1/2R6) Lithium
Batteries Plus: Cat #SAFLS14250BA
Suunto # K5664

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