Warm Water Scuba Trip Check List
Basic Equipment Accessory's Personal Items Medications Clothing
Travel Bag Camera's / Film Dive Log Book  Advil  Sandals
Mesh Boat Bag  Mini Dive Light Address Book Anti Biotic Shirts
Mask & Snorkel Large Dive Light Sun Glasses Cough Drops Shorts
De-Fog Tank Marker Sun Block Ear Drops Jacket
Booties Scuba Tool Anti-Perspirate Foil (sunburn) Cap
Fins Spare O-Rings Shampoo Imodium A-D Underwear
BCD Save a Dive Kit Tooth brush/paste Insect repellant PJ's
Regulator  Dry Bag Hair brush Night Quill Slacks
Dive Computer / Tables Sink the Stink Door Hooks (2) Sea Sickness  
Dive Watch Batteries Cash/travel/credit cards Sutifed  
Dive Knife Locker Padlock Pass Port 1st Aid Kit  
Wet Suit or Skin   Airline Tickets, Hotel info    
Swim Suits (2)   Utility pocket knife    
Weight Belt & Keepers   Reading Glasses    

Additional Enriched Air Diving Equipment:

  1.   __Oxygen Analyzer
  2.   __ Enriched Air Dive Computer
  3.   __ Equivalent Air Depth Table & Oxygen Exposure Table
  4.   __ Enriched Air RDPs for EANx32 and EANx36