Providing estate mowing, snow removal, scrapper box work, control burn barriers, etc. Operating in the Monument Hill or Gardner Peak Ranch Communities here in Colorado.
Box Scraper Work

48" box scrapper (with chisels if necessary). Services include smoothing out gardens, putting in topsoil, smoothing driveways, and creating safety area's (bare ground) around slash before doing controlled burns.

Dirt Work

Adding top soil to your garden, burying tree stumps, leveling ground areas, and etc. Contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

Estate Mowing

Get those unsightly weeds cut down. A typical 5 acre lot can usually be mowed in 1-2 hours. Will not work unsafe slopes or areas containing tree stumps, rocks, or other hazardous material to the mowing operation. 

Post Holes

6", 9", 12" augers. Up too 38" deep. Everything from post holes, foundation pillars, and mailbox holes. Must be space for tractor to work. Will not work unsafe slopes and cannot dig through rock or tree roots.

Dirt Chisel or ripper bar

Burying an invisible fence wire? Ground to hard to dig out? Need to break up sod for a future garden? This ripper bar does the job! 

Snow Blowing

Usually done in the Monument area only. Must have a side of driveway open to throwing snow too. Can handle depths of 3' and drifts up to 6'. Usually clear snow within a few inches of the surface of drive way (less if paved). Most driveways (less than 100 yards) take less than 30 minutes for depths of up to 1 foot on flat or gentle slopes. Deeper snows and 'heavy wet snow' take longer.

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