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Local Elevations for divers to Know



Denver Colorado   5,280 feet 
Fort Collins, Colorado   5,003 feet 
Monument, Colorado   7,352 feet
Raton Pass, New Mexico     7,834 feet
Santa Rosa, New Mexico     4,300 feet
Sterling, Colorado   3,939 feet 

Consider this problem: You live in Denver and are spending the weekend diving in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. What do you use for altitude when doing your 'altitude adjustment', if you are travelling by auto. We recommend that you use the highest elevation you could possibly be at during your 24 hour post dive period.
Therefore we suggest you use 7,834 feet (or 8000'). Since you must go over Raton Pass on your return trip. If something comes up, and you need to return home early, you could feel confident that you are within the guidelines of the tables.
This is one of the big reasons that we prefer dive computers that allow a diver to manually set the altitude range for the computer A real must for inland divers.